~ Priceless Moments ~

The late night phone calls

leaving mushy notes on each other’s walls,

those falling tears

those listening ears,

Texting each other without any reason

bunking classes for shopping on the “change of season”,

those crazy advices

that unbearable aloo chaat full of spices,

the “checking out”

the sharing of doubts,

giving wierd looks to people once they went

watching movies on rent,

discussing about our likes and dislikes for hours

wondering why men are so crazy about girls and cars,

sending the lyrics of songs to each other

then laughing so crazily and annoying our mothers,

Clicking pictures in random poses

Not liking our friend’s girlfriends and reacting by making noses,

Those unforgettable prank calls

trying everything and not buying a single thing from the food stalls,

Those short living plans of leaving junk

just each others company makes us soo drunk,

Dialing each others number when in a mess

aahh no matter how much i write about us it l be less,

a bond unbreakable

a trust unshakable

we share

with you by my side no matter how bad the situation is

doesnt seem that unfair!!!


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