~ Priceless Moments ~

The late night phone calls

leaving mushy notes on each other’s walls,

those falling tears

those listening ears,

Texting each other without any reason

bunking classes for shopping on the “change of season”,

those crazy advices

that unbearable aloo chaat full of spices,

the “checking out”

the sharing of doubts,

giving wierd looks to people once they went

watching movies on rent,

discussing about our likes and dislikes for hours

wondering why men are so crazy about girls and cars,

sending the lyrics of songs to each other

then laughing so crazily and annoying our mothers,

Clicking pictures in random poses

Not liking our friend’s girlfriends and reacting by making noses,

Those unforgettable prank calls

trying everything and not buying a single thing from the food stalls,

Those short living plans of leaving junk

just each others company makes us soo drunk,

Dialing each others number when in a mess

aahh no matter how much i write about us it l be less,

a bond unbreakable

a trust unshakable

we share

with you by my side no matter how bad the situation is

doesnt seem that unfair!!!


The relationship between me and you!!!

When i look into your eyes

you take me to heaven

i wanna stick to that moment with a glue..

its that feeling of bliss

even a micro second of which i dont wanna miss..

Something in me longs for you,

your love

i wonder how just your presence takes me so high above

when i ache with pain

when my eyes are wet with tears

i feel you around me

there is that grace which surrounds me

you illuminate my soul

and make me whole

time to time you make me strong

and with you i realise

that there is a special world

where i belong

i loose myself in your aura

in you i find infinity

a treasure

i love you beyond measure!!!


Im exactly what I am from outside

I never pretend  I never hide,

Not a saint , no absolute perfection

Yes there are things in me which need a correction,

I let my emotions run wild

Behave as if I was still a child,

I cry

I scream

And do soo many things which I cant do in a dream..


Sometimes I wish I was someone else, but mostly I’m glad I’m ME!!

And so many times I wish he tells me he loves me and bend down on his knee..


Sometimes i wanna fight back twice as hard

Make the right choices and play the right cards,


Sometimes I wanna shine brighter than ever

And to things I don’t wanna do say  a high pitch “NEVER”,


Sometimes before blurting out everything to the person I feel

Wish that person was able to heal,


Sometimes I wonder why people give such cold looks and use such cold words,

Sometimes I wanna flly with the flock of birds


Sometimes I don’t wanna listen to the views of those that surround me

And sometimes I wish I had the power to change the things around me


Sometimes I wanna rebuild the person was

Sometimes I feel like breaking the laws !!



50 things I wanna do before I die….

1)      Visit a castle

2)      Be on a tv show

3)      Receive an award

4)      Be on a radio

5)      Travel to the middle of nowhere

6)      See something supernatural

7)      Be in 2 places at once

8)      See the 7 Wonders of the World

9)      Get married in a beautiful place

10)   Find my soulmate

11)    See the Pyramids.

12)   Go on a cruise.

13)   Pay the bill from somebody else’s credit card

14)   Look extraordinarily beautiful on my wedding day

15)   Have my fortune told

16)   Have singing lesson

17)   Conquer one of my fears

18)   Have a picnic on a cliff overlooking the sea

19)   Have my picture in a newspaper

20)   See a shooting star

21)   Wear a Manish Malhotra dress

22)    Skydive

23)   Play guitar well

24)   Write the music and lyrics to a song

25)   Grow my hair till my thighs

26)   Cook really well

27)    Live a healthier lifestyle

28)   Sleep under the stars

29)   Make my  website

30)   Get my dream job

31)   Shower under a waterfall

32)   Sing at a karaoke

33)   Wear fitting clothes

34)   Have something so romantic happen to me that I break down in tears

35)   Win a lottery

36)   Dance randomly, in a romantic spot, with someone you love, without any music

37) Bathe in the Ganges.

38)   Dress up in a retro look

39)   Sing like a rockstar on the stage

40)   Google myself.

41)   Have my pic under  the rainbow

42)   Do  announcements in the airport

43)   Sit with the pilot

44)   Do announcements in the flight

45)  Be in the video of a song

46)  Make someone deeply ,madly,insanely fall in love with me

47)  Dress up like cindrella

48)  Run with sheeps in a green field with yellow flowers

49)  Dance on the train

50)  Close dance with Ekta ,Shweta and Monica’s hubby (my sisters) !!!!!


Why is it important to meet  once before going?

Why  do I almost always have tears when I say goodbye?

Why do I love taking the wrong way even when I know ‘it’s the wrong way’?

Why can’t I keep shopping all the time?

Why do I have to go back just when the fun had started?

Why do i look different everyday?

Why do people and circumstances change?

When will my fickle mind stop being fickle?

Why do I love when winters are about to come?

Why do i hate people who love me and love those who give a shit?

When will i sign my first autograph?

Why isn’t  junk food nutritious?

Why can  I go on having chocolates?

Why do men go to prostitutes?

Why can I not be invisible and see what the other person is doing?

Why don’t men have to wax?

Why aren’t  relationships  forever?

If you once said you love me ,why don’t you now?

Why is loosing weight so tough?

How do people who are not so good looking live?

Why do people cheat their partners?

Why do eunuchs look so scary?

How does hugging releases almost all the pains?

Why holding the hand of the person you love is the best feeling in the world?

Why do I think that life wouldn’t have been so much fun without problems?

Why do I once want to become an airhostess ,a model ,a rockstar ,an artist,a CEO,a guitarist for a day?

Why does one have to get up in the mornings?

When wil i figure wat exactly i wana build a career in?

Why do I love being so crazy?


Know that life will be shitty at times

Because thats the way it has been designed,

Shake up & then wake up

Tell yourself that you are not alone

If not the ice-cream

You still have the cone,

There is still so much to be happy about

And I can say this with zero percent doubt,

Just know that life is moving on

So my friend ,dont you linger on,

Because if you sit with a problem

You will see that it has multiplied,

The moment you forget about it

You wont even know when it died,

So there is no point fretting

Because god is doing a setting,

They say that short term pain leads to long term gain

So just have faith and don’t let it drain!!!!!

When you are sad…..

Please dont feel sad
I know the experiences in your past were terribly bad,
Just let go every unpleasant thought
In the bad memories please dont get cought,
Be solid like rock
So that nohing can give you a shock,
Drop the emotional garbage you are carrying up
Like a lit candle
Light up,
Life is short and time is running
In this world you will find people who are cunning,
But come what may
Nothing should rob the smile from your heart
Always remember from god you are not apart!!!!

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